Complicated Situations In Blackjack

Complicated Situations In Blackjack

In this article, we will tell you to show yourself to play some difficult hands in blackjack.

Equal money

Are you sure that one bird in the hand is better than two in the bush? If you always accept a 1: 1 payout when you have blackjack and the dealer has As up, this will increase the house edge by 4% in the long run.

Sixteen Against Seven

If the dealer has 7 or 10, the probability of having a surplus at 16 is the same, while the probability of winning is higher when the dealer has 7. Let us consider this situation from a mathematical point of view. Taking 16 against 10 reduces the chances of losing from 77% to 76%.

Eleven Against Ten

Every novice player knows that basic blackjack strategy tells them to double on Eleven. However, players find it difficult, if the dealer has Ten up. The dealer’s chances of getting twenty are less than the chances of collecting 20 or 21. By always adopting a similar situation, you will win 56% of the time in the long run. If you double down, the chances of winning will drop to 54% (but double bet).

Twelve versus two

Your Twelve versus the dealer’s double is a rather unpleasant situation that invariably confuses novice players. If you drink, you can get a surplus. If he stands up, the dealer can beat him by collecting 17 or more. Our advice is always to face Twelve against two. First, you are more likely not to get a surplus than to get one. Second, the dealer with Two up is not as vulnerable as it seems.

“Soft” Eighteen versus nine

If you think it’s time to stop, you’re wrong. If you are always Ace and Eight against the dealer’s Nine, you will win in about 40% of the cases. If you drink until you are sixteen “soft” or seventeen “hard”, you increase your chances by as much as 45%.


We hope that you now understand why you should act a certain way in certain situations. In fact, all decisions are based on mathematical calculations. If a decision increases your chances of winning, you should make it, even if this step seems unprofitable.

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