Launched in 2015 by a French/Khmer family, Camborea is a young NGO located in Cambodia which aim is to help the most deprived people within their communities. Camborea is based in Siem Reap but are most active up North, in the Angkor Thom district.

Camborea focuses on three main projects:


- Community Garden: Camborea has a community garden that enables to train the most sensitive families to a reasoned and natural agriculture, with notions of permaculture and agro-ecology, and especially to a varied and nutritious vegetable production. Once the families are trained, Camborea helps them set up their own vegetable garden at home by providing them with all the equipment they need, clean and reproducible seeds, and support to keep it perennial. Camborea accepts food scrap from restaurants and hotels to make compost that will help the community garden and the families (contact Camborea directly if interested).


Water for everyone:  Camborea installs wells in villages of the villages of Plung and Tah Prok.  The wells are drilled deeper than usual to get the sedimentary layers present in the soil and which will naturally filter the water. The water is tested in laboratory according to Cambodian and international standards for the water can be declared drinkable. As of date, Camborea has installed 31 drinking water wellsproviding water to around 500 underpriviledged people.


- Healthcare center: Camborean operates a small center to treat essential needs: small injuries, cuts, cutaneous infections and a variety of other light issues which, if they are treated soon enough, won’t turn into serious diseases. The main focus of the center is screening serious diseases like diabetes among others, medical monitoring and prevention on (lack of) hygiene – which is often linked to lack of clean water access.


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