Overall Sustainable Management

~Ayana Journeys is a model in terms of sustainable travel agency. First, Ayana has a responsible tourism policy, that is aligned with the GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) crtieria and available on their website here.

~Ayana tours support cultural preservation, environmental stewardship, wildlife conservation, and community benefits and educate travellers about these themes.  The staff also receives training on sustainable tourism, which is also offered at no or discounted costs to the community-based tourism partners’ staff.

~Anaya Journeys provides to the guests when booking a Know Before Your Go (pre-departure) guidelines including cultural etiquette (behavior and dress). During the visitors’ stay, they also continue to raise awareness about how to behave culturally appropriate (including how to minimise the impact when visiting sites such as the Angkor Archaeological Park).

Waste Management

~ Ayana Journeys uses plant based bags for waste collection, local handcrafted picnic baskets to reduce packaging waste, and distributes tote bags to guests on multi-day tours to reduce the use of single plastic.

Local Support

~These bags given to customers are produced by an ethical garment social enterprise in safe working conditions.

~Ayana tours support as much as possible social businesses, NGOs and other initiatives that support local development or environmental or cultural preservation. The education tours provide direct funding to an educational NGO (PEPY Empowering Youth) that provides scholarships to rural students to pursue further education. The tours also include donations to these types of organisations/projects we visit.

~Ayana uses as much as possible local goods and products. They also hold regular focus groups with their tuktuk drivers to establish fair payment at the start of each season, providing a platform for them to be the decision makers.

~Ayana's tours seek to provide a sense of place,so they always use local services (e.g. eat at local restaurants, stay at locally owned guesthouses, support local enterprises). They also provide resources of recommendations for their guests to support other social enterprises throughout their stay.


Environmentally-friendly purchase

~Preference for guest accommodation is given where environmental credentials exist.

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