#SwitchOn Workshop Debrief

On the 27th of November 2019, Clean Green Cambodia held the #SwitchOn Workshop at Navutu Dreams Resort. As a continuation of our #noplasticinmyhotel conference, we had gathered experts on energy and water management to talk to hotels about their consumptions.

First, we would like to express our sincere thank you to the Navutu Dreams Resort who hosted this event, but also to our partners who offered their expertise:

Partners' logos - #SwitchOn
Thank you to Navutu Dreams Resort, ATS Cambodia, SensorFlow, Distribution Central, Dekonta and Control Union.

The event aimed to help hotels to find solutions and reduce their consumption of energy and water also by showing them they can benefit from such policy. Indeed, they can help preserve the environment (which is also good for marketing) while saving money.

During the presentations, our partners showed tourism has a large impact in worldwide pollution. In fact, the hospitality sector emits 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions (source: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2018)!

And tourists are more and more concerned about choosing eco-friendly hotels as they begin to realize how much their way of traveling can make a difference. According to Miscellaneous 2017, 66% of guests are now ready to pay more for a green hotel.

Some photos of the event #SwitchON
Some photos of the event.

Thus, experts talked about switching to economical devices such as LED lighting and automation systems for electricity. Concerning water, we learned easy ways to #SwitchOn a low-flow mode: automatic faucets, tap aerators, eco-cards… It does not have to be expensive to make you save money! And for those ready to invest in more elaborate technologies, were mentioned smart refill stations and the construction of wetlands to filter water.
The last chapter of our #SwitchOn was about eco-certifications for hotels to gain visibility and credibility concerning their commitment in their guests’ view.

The event concluded with a networking drink and (vegetarian) snack offered by Navutu Dreams Resort.

Thank you to all the hotels that are committed to make a change and reduce their impact on the environment.

Interested to join these hotels and be a LEADER in reducing your energy & water consumption?

Email info@cleangreencambodia.org so we can give you more information.

Special thanks to :


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