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Dec 26
Water in Cambodia: state and stakes

Rain season is over in Cambodia, and water is starting to dry. What are the state and…

Nov 29
#SwitchOn Workshop Debrief

Discover more about the #SwitchOn Workshop, an event to encourage hotels to reduce…

Nov 26
ATS Cambodia, your energy savior

We asked 5 questions to ATS Cambodia, a company that provides solutions for businesses…

Oct 31
Event: #SwitchOn Workshop

How can hotels reduce their Energy & Water consumption? Discover our new event: the…

Oct 31
Cambodia Tourism via “Sustainable” Transport

Take alternative, more sustainable transportation options when travelling in and…

Oct 16
Clean Green Story #4 : Cloé, from Nantes to Tokyo by bike

In this Clean Green Story, we will talk about Cloé. Two years ago, she decided to take…


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