Waste Management

Sonas help other businesses and individuals reduce their plastic waste by providing them with refillable soap and dishwasher detergent, as well as tote bags and recycled paper bags.

Local Support

Sonas is all about local support, by empowering local communities and especially women, training them and supporting the development of their social businesses. Sonas' vision is to develop the village (Prey Theat, Takeo) to become a role model of a self sustainable community known for its highest quality hand crafted products using locally sourced and grown raw materials. Their longer term goal is to have this model to be adopted by 10 more villages across Cambodia, which would empower hundreds of inhabitants.

Environmentally-friendly purchase

Sonas' soaps and other personal care products are all made with natural ingredients. The clothes and scarves are made with organic wild cotton,  plant-based dyes and recycled waste from tailoring partners.

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