Overall Sustainable Management

Our products are handmade using 100% cotton, organic bee’s wax . We are strictly follow zero-waste principle in our workplace.

Energy Management

Our products are handmade, however we use sewing machine to make bags. Our sewing machines are old-fashion motor on a foot-pedaling machine.

Water & Wastewater Management

There is no consumption of water to make our products.

Waste Management

We minimize the usage of plastic. If we do we reuse the plastic multiple times.

Local Support

Our producers are women living in local community . With the income from working with us, they are able to be financially independent and are able to support their children to attend school.

Environmentally-friendly purchase

Our raw materials are 100% cotton fabric, cotton towel, organic bee’s wax. They are environmental friendly.

Other info

Phendei is a local business aimed to join the go green project in Cambodia and the globe. We wish to keep Cambodia green by raising awareness of people to join. Phendei also a social enterprise aimed to help women to get employment aims to improve their lives, financially independent.

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