Overall Sustainable Management

Sustainability for Kingdom of Wow! is about creating products in a sustainable way (production process), from sustainable materials (biodegradable) that can be used for a long time (durability and timeless fashion).

The production process is eco-friendly because it involves very low energy consumption as everything is handmade. The only waste consists of cut-offs from wool and leather which we hope to utilize in the future. They source and produce with the aim to leave a minimal footprint on this planet.

A big goal for a small company, but they make choices in careful consideration of the impact they have on this planet. Kingdom of Wow! also strives to become as plastic-free as possible.

Energy Management

As a business, Kingdom of Wow! strives to minimise their impact on this planet. They mainly use biodegradable materials for our products. The little carbon they create is offset by supporting native tree planting with conservation partners Fauna in Focus.

Water & Wastewater Management

Kingdom of Wow! is looking to be a RefillNotLandfill point.

Waste Management

Kingdom of Wow! uses cardboard boxes for packaging and have bags from Cleanbodia if needed other wrapping.

They also hold on to all cut-offs, be they leather, fabric or yarn. And they try to make fun new things from it, such as beanies and egg beanies from the yarn (see pics!); leather scrap is given to Smateria to use on their bags. They are looking to use these in the espadrilles as well.

Local Support

Kingdom of Wow! is an ethical manufacturer, which means they pay living wages (abide by PP standard of minimum wage for garment industry), provide all staff with health and accident insurance, free nutritious lunches and daycare at the workshop for children aged between 0-12 months old.

Environmentally-friendly purchase

Kingdom of Wow! is actively working to phase out acrylic yarns and replacing with more sustainable alternatives such as bamboo yarns. While wool yarn is sustainably manufactured.
Fabrics are often offcuts from Cambodia therefore upcycled.
The soles of the espadrilles are made from rope and natural rubber.
90% of accessories i.e buttons and beads are biodegradable.
Kingdom of Wow! uses biodegradable materials for our product packaging.
Tools such as crochet hooks are made from bamboo.
Staff are provided with reusable bags and water bottles as well as biodegradable straws.

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