Overall Sustainable Management

At VIBE Café, the plant based recipes are specifically designed using honest ingredients to extract the maximum nutritional value. On top of providing an healthy alimentation, they also limit their environmental impact and bring support to children who can't always access and afford wholesome food.




Waste Management

- VIBE Café limits as much as possible the use of plastic, and are for instance using bamboo straws.
- They embody the 'from scratch' way of cooking, meaning as much as possible is made from scratch in their kitchens, including their dressings, sauces, milks, cheeses, nut butters, pickles, pesto, jams, infusions, tea blends and more.

Local Support

- VIBE Café aims to provide 10,000 school children with healthy vegan food in Cambodia. Each meal will be organic and plant-based and costs $0.50 per child per day.
- They are really concerned about where their produce comes from and they work directly with local farmers, ethical suppliers; primarily organic and chemical free to ensure that they have the highest quality food possible.

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