Waste Management

~One of the founders of the Siem Reap “Cafe Collective”- a group of cafes in working together to help support a better future for the industry and the environment through various shared initiatives.

~Active members of Siem Reap’s "Clean up Temple town" where members of the community volunteer to pick up rubbish around town and create a cleaner environment.

~Part of the Refill Not Landfill campaign whose aim is to reduce disposable water bottle waste with approximately 85 refill stations in Siem Reap, and over 800 in all of Asia.

~Recycling plastic & cans

~Send food waste to a small farm to be reused as fertilizer and food for livestock

Local Support

~ Sister Srey Cafe supports APOPO Humanitarian Demining, by donating a percentage of our profits.

~ Sister Srey has various incentives and activities in which support the local and rural community such as donating lunches to charitable events, supporting small businesses & farmers and working with other social enterprises.

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