Energy Management

~Takes on actions to reduce energy consumption and raise awareness of employees

Water & Wastewater Management

~Takes on actions to reduce water consumption and raise awareness of employees

Waste Management

~ Single-use plastic is replaced whenever possible: the take-away boxes, spoons and bags are 100% biodegradable.

~ Straws are metal reusable straws and all shopping is done with boxes and custom made linen bags, instead of using plastic bags.

~ Cooking oil is donated to Naga Biofuels, who turns it into bio diesel, and then bought back by HAVEN to use in its generator

~Organic waste is given to pig farms or composted in HAVEN's organic garden

~Other waste gets sorted and recycled whenever possible

Local Support

~HAVEN trains yearly around 15 young Cambodian, coming from disadvantaged background

~In addition to the work training and the life skills workshops, HAVEN takes financial responsibility of all its trainees and provide them with protected and guided shared housing, meals, medical care, monthly training allowance and teach them English and computer lessons

Environmentally-friendly purchase

~HAVEN's tofu and our coconut milk are organically grown and made by trusted local farmers

~As many vegetables and fruits as possible are either grown in HAVEN's organic garden or locally grown (and whenever possible organic) from reliable farmers

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