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Mar 12
Clean Green Story #5: Sochenda, the zero-waste warrior

Thanks to Sochenda's initiatives reducing plastic consumption is within everyone's…

Oct 01
Tips for hotels to be more eco-friendly

You are an hotel and you want to be more eco-friendly than you already are ? Discover…

Sep 26
How can travel agencies fight plastic pollution in Cambodia?

Travel agencies are responsible for direct plastic pollution as well as indirect one.…

Sep 23
More hotels join the fight against plastic waste in Cambodia

Discover more about the #noplasticinmyhotel conference organised by Clean Green…

Aug 22
Event: #Noplasticinmyhotel conference

Discover during the #noplasticinmyhotel conference organised on the 19th of September…

Aug 19
How to reduce your restaurant’s waste in Cambodia

Explore in this article ways that restaurants and bars can reduce their waste,…

Jul 16
Clean Green Story #3: Sophal Sea, a Khmer eco-warrior

Sophal is an eco-warrior in Siem Reap, who takes on many actions to empower the…

Mar 18
Recycling in Cambodia

Explore in this article Cambodia's informal recycling system and see which items are…

Mar 06
Eco-friendly lifestyle – any chances for Cambodia?

Cambodia has many environmental issues, starting with waste management. Fortunately,…

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