Category: Sustainability tips in Cambodia

Oct 31
Cambodia Tourism via “Sustainable” Transport

Take alternative, more sustainable transportation options when travelling in and…

Aug 19
How to reduce your restaurant’s waste in Cambodia

Explore in this article ways that restaurants and bars can reduce their waste,…

Jul 30
Plastic Free July: the recap

Our team took on the Plastic Free July Challenge! Find here what actions we took, but…

Jun 21
12 actions for hotels to reduce their plastic waste in Cambodia

Over the past months, we explored the actions taken by some hotels to reduce their…

May 08
11 ways to reuse your coffee grounds!

You are a coffee addict and don’t know what to do with your leftover coffee grounds?…

Apr 01
Zero-waste in Siem Reap

Find all the best zero-waste tips in Siem Reap, Cambodia, from shopping, eating,…

Mar 18
Recycling in Cambodia

Explore in this article Cambodia's informal recycling system and see which items are…

Mar 12
Sustainable tourism in Cambodia

Tourism can have negative social and environmental consequences on Cambodia. Discover…

Mar 06
Eco-friendly lifestyle – any chances for Cambodia?

Cambodia has many environmental issues, starting with waste management. Fortunately,…

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