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The issue

Cambodia is seeking to double its amount of tourists from 6 millions in 2018 to 12 millions in 2025, which will lead to a significant increase in plastic waste[1].

From single-use toiletries, plastic water bottles, straws, Styrofoam boxes, or plastic bags and packaging, the tourism industry, and in particular hotels, is a major contributor to plastic waste.

According to the UNEP Environmental Report 2011, “in a ‘business-as-usual’ scenario, tourism would generate through 2050 an increase of 251% in solid waste disposal[2].

However, with this increase in waste comes significant environmental and social impacts on the Khmer population, its environment and the tourism industry. This is why we are calling hotels to pledge to reduce their plastic waste by 2021 and say #noplasticinmyhotel.

The environmental and social impact

With the increase of waste comes heightening health issues (respiratory issues, cancer) due to toxic fumes from burnt plastic. We also ingest plastic particles via food and water.

Plastic waste lying around on the streets and dumpsites gathers water and creates the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitos, increasing mosquito-borne diseases (e.g. dengue)

As plastic is made of petrol, its production aggravates climate change. This is worrisome in a country deemed the most vulnerable to climate change impacts amongst the lower Mekong Bassin countries[3].

Plastic also threatens the biodiversity, as marine animals die from plastic they eat from water bodies.

76 $ million

of annual foregone revenues in the tourism industry due to poor sanitation

The economic impact

 Plastic waste impacts severely the perception of Cambodia and leads to lost business opportunities. In 2015, the Cambodia Hotel Association estimated annual foregone tourist revenues to be around $74 million due to poor sanitation, which includes poor waste management[4].

Under a “business-as-usual” scenario, the Global Green Growth Institute mentioned that Phnom Penh will become an “increasingly unattractive city“, notably because of high pollution level[5].

Tourists are also increasingly raising their concerns about plastic waste on social media (Facebook, TripAdvisor), and don’t hesitate to highlight the hotels who are not taking actions to reduce their plastic waste.

This year almost 5,000 people signed a petition for hotels and restaurants to reduce their plastic waste in Cambodia (which can still be signed!)

Tripadvisor reviews about plastic waste in hotels in Cambodia

TripAdvisor reviews about plastic waste in Cambodian places and hotels

The Pledge

For the above reasons, we are calling hotels to pledge to reduce their plastic waste by 2021*.

We are asking hotels to commit to reducing their plastic consumption in the following areas:

  • Single-use plastic in the bedrooms and bathrooms, including toiletries (toothbrush, shower cap), slippers, single-dose shampoo, conditioner, body lotions and plastic bottles
  • Singleuse plastic in the restaurant/kitchen, including plastic straws, Styrofoam boxes, plastic bottles, and plastic packaging

We ask hotels taking this pledge to report on the actions they are planning to take. We also ask them to report on the result every 4 months until 2021. You can see here the type of report that hotels will be asked to fill in.

Our commitment

On our end, we commit to sharing the list of hotels who take the pledge on our website and share it on our social media. We also commit to share the results of the actions taken by hotels.

Lastly, we created and regularly update a toolkit for hotels to reduce their plastic waste, which include the list of suppliers and partners that can help you in your journey.

* The deadline has been set for January 2021. This would leave time for hotels to implement these actions and communicate efficiently to their employees and customers about them.

Why take the pledge and reduce your plastic waste?

To reduce your environmental impact

Plastic waste is threatening our environment and our Society. By reducing your plastic waste, your hotel can prevent tonnes of plastic waste from ending up on the streets, in the oceans and damaging the ecosystem. It would also reduce the health hazard on the population as we ingest plastic particles from food and water and breath toxic fumes from burnt plastic.

To increase your profit margin

Reducing plastic waste does not have to be expensive and can actually decrease your costs depending on the actions taken. For instance, your hotel can switch to reusable bottles for your soap, shampoo and body lotion. You can also provide toiletries to guests only upon request, which would reduce the quantity consumed. Your hotel could also increase its prices as it provides better quality products.

To increase your market share

Sustainable tourism is on the rise. In 2018, a survey by Booking.com revealed that 87% of global travellers expressed their desire to travel sustainably. By reducing your plastic waste, your hotel will be able to capture the increasing demand for sustainable tourism.

To improve your visibility

Efforts from hotels to reduce their plastic waste are getting increasingly noticed on social media, including on TripAdvisor. By reducing your waste and taking the pledge, your hotel will then improve its visibility and attract more customers.

To be a leader

In the end, with customers' demand for sustainable places rising and the upcoming worldwide regulations on plastic waste, there won't be any other option for hotels than reducing their plastic use. It is then your decision to be a LEADER in this area rather than a laggard.

Take the pledge and say #noplasticinmyhotel

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