Energy Management

~The restaurant area was designed for optimum air flow to avoid excessive use of air conditioning;

~Eco-friendly light bulbs with low energy consumption;

~Reduce energy consumption with a linen and towel reuse programme


Water & Wastewater Management

~Reduce water consumption with a linen and towel reuse programme;

~Collect rainwater to water the garden;
~Salt water poll

Waste Management


~Use bamboo straws and linen napkins to avoid single used items;
~Offer guest Refill Not Landfill Bottles to be refilled at several fresh water refill stations inside the premises;
~Menu was created using banana paper and the its holder was made out of fabric and rattan;

~While shopping, Sala Lodge minimises othe use single plastic bags replacing them with reusable rattan baskets;
~The cooking oil is recycled into bio-diesel with NagaEarth collaboration;
~Recycle of all metal, plastic and glass materials;
~Organic waste is given to one of the employees that is a owner of a pig farm.

~Limit, recycle and reuse the paper use as much as possible;


~Do not use plastic bags in the dustbin (except for the feminine hygiene);
~Change bed linen every couple days, unless the client requests otherwise;
~Guest laundry: return the laundry folded in a water hyacinth basket made by a local NGO.

Local Support

~Locally sourced products and when available from the local organic farms and from Sala Lodges’s organic garden;

~Bathroom amenities are locally made and natural from Bodia Spa;

~Use natural fertiliser, the main component coming from their system of eco-latrines;

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