Overall Sustainable Management

Rambutan strives to be as clean and as limited as possible in the use of energy and potential pollutions, and has therefore implemented a range of sustainable initiatives.

Energy Management

~Use solar panels to pre-heat the hot water

Waste Management

~Recycle cooking oil to return and transform into bio-diesel for the generator
~Use accessories made from recycled plastic bags
~Garbage bags, take-away meal boxes, and straws made from compostable sugar cane residue
~Join on a regular base the “city clean- up” events
~Free refill station for guests

~Promote the usage of reusable aluminum water bottles instead of plastic ones which can be refilled at the water station

Local Support

~Offer scholarship program for many of staff and their children to enroll or reintegrate school. From kindergarten to university, they are studying subjects such as; law, tourism, business, finance, accounting, IT and English. A few of the team members are studying for their Master’s degrees.

~Use organic local fruits and vegetables in the kitchen and bar

Other info

In 2011,  Rambutan supported an enormous flood relief campaign to help more than 1500 families around Siem Reap to survive the devastating effects of the worst flooding in living memories. In total, they raised – together with 4 other travel businesses/organizations – more than 25.000 USD which went to the emergency relief of rice, canned fish and clean water.

In 2018, Rambutan announced a new community project that they’ll be supporting; The Prek Toal Home and Life Project. The project,  led for a former employee of Rambutan Mr. An Hoksan, is focused on rebuilding houses that were damaged or destroyed during the extreme dry season of 2016. To rebuild each house costs about $4000 and will offer a safe home to families of between four and ten people.

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