Energy Management

~ Solar panels are used to warm all the hotel's water


Water & Wastewater Management

- Water is collected from a well beneath the hotel

Waste Management

Navutu Dreams takes on many actions to reduce its waste:

Plastic waste

~ Biodegradable box for take-away food

~ Biodegradable bags to replace plastic bags (incl. garbage bags)

~ Provide refillable bottles for guests and have free refill stations in the hotel (all refill stations are supplied with UV filtered water that is clean and safe to drink).

~ No single-use plastic amenities are used in the room. Navutu instead provide shampoo and other personal products in refillable containers and use bamboo toiletries.

~ Bamboo straws are used instead of plastic straws

~ Platemats are made by Rehash Trash from plastic bags

Other waste

~ Give cooking oil to Naga Earth to make biofuel, which is then used by Navutu as an alternative to diesel with 90% less hydrocarbon emissions

~ Food waste is minimized by using non spoiled food to make jams and other food items, and the rest is given to pig farms


Local Support

~ Sells locally made products in its store. They stock homewares, clothes and souvenirs all from brands who are committed to supporting local artisans and to using the best natural products from Cambodia.

~ Placemats are made by local enterprise Rehash Trash supporting disadvantage women

~Handcrafted organic soaps and scrubs are made using locally sourced ingredients


Environmentally-friendly purchase

~ Mosquito repellent is locally made and organic

~  Source out locally-grown produce and use garden-fresh ingredients as much as possible


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