Overall Sustainable Management

The hotel has invested in a long-term plan to reduce plastic waste to a minimum, and takes on several other eco-friendly actions.

Energy Management

~ Informative card in the bathrooms of each room to inform concerning the bed sheets and towels replacing by the Housekeeping

- Bio-Diesel from Naga Earth used for the Electricity Generator instead of normal diesel

Water & Wastewater Management

~ Informative welcome letter in the rooms to prevent overuse of water from the tab and electricity  through Air-cons mostly.

Waste Management

Plastic waste: The Mulberry Boutique Hotel has taken several important actions to reduce platic use, including:

~ Banning the sale of plastic water bottles in the restaurant

~ Providing free water refill bottles in minibars of each room, in order to avoid the guest to go buy plastic bottles of water outside

~ Having several refill stations within their facilities
~ Part of RefillNotLandfill campaign: providing free refill water for guests as well as for any visitors coming to the hotel to refill their bottle

~ Inside Laundry service by Hand, not using any plastic bags and instead using cloth pouch to put the guests' clothes

~ Talking to guests upon their check-in in their facilities about their zero-plastic policy

~ Reusable bags are availble for guests to use, thereby preventing the use of plastic bags

~ Suppliers are asked to deliver the food and other supplies without plastic packaging

~ Room amenities (shampoo, conditions) not provided in single-use doses: shampoo and conditions are provided and refilled in stone container, and other amenities (toothbrush, razor, comb) are made in bamboo and provided only upon requests.

~ Staff receive informative trainings about plastic use. The hotel also provides the staff with refillable bottles and reusable bags.

~ The hotel's spa is also plastic free: all the treatment products are handmade and made only when needed. They use refillers for the massage oils.

Other waste

~ Food waste is given away to staff, pig farms and composting.

~ Bed sheets are given to staff when they are not used by the hotel anymore

Local Support

~ Participates to clean-up events in Siem Reap

~ Some of the furnitures and decorations in the hotel are made by local artisans.

- Showcasing of paintings in the suites and public areas from Cambodian painters.

- Supporting ethical NGOs programs for education and healthcare of children in the Countryside.

-Supporting Angkor Hospital for Children since Mulberry opening in 2012.

Environmentally-friendly purchase

~ Organic fruits and vegetables purchased from Happy Co + Farm, as much as possible

- Organic and Natural cleaning soaps, products for the hand washing instead of chemicals

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