Overall Sustainable Management

Knai Bang Chatt has a profound ecological consciousness. They understand and embrace the concepts of sustainability, making impact, and being leaders in environmentalism.

The hotel established a ‘Sustainability Department’ with a full-time Sustainability Manager and a ‘Green Team’ made up of all heads of department. The Green Team meets monthly to make decisions on sustainability related matters. In 2016, the hotel became the first in Cambodia to obtain the Platinum Certification from the Green Growth 2050 standards!

Energy Management

~Produce approximately 30% of their own electricity from solar panels
~Converted 99% of their lights to power saving led lights

Water & Wastewater Management

~Converted 97% of their toilets to water efficient toilets (2.6L/flush)

Waste Management

The hotel has established a very efficient Waste Mangement Strategy:

  • Recycling at Knai Bang Chatt:
      • All plastic bottles, cardboard, aluminum/steel cans and cardboard are recycled
      • Used cooking oil is donated to an ‘Naga Earth’ that processes it into low Green House Gas emission bio-fuel
      • They clean their sea shore every day and recycle or send to landfill the rubbish collected
  • Upcycling at Knai Bang Chatt:
      • Turn as many glass bottles as they can into drinking glasses
      • They donate the glass bottles that they can't upcycle to community groups and social enterprises to be used in eco-building and eco-brick production
  • Zero-waste policy at Knai Bang Chatt:
      • Set a transitional policy target to reduce landfill waste to 5% of total waste by 2020.
      • Compost all their food waste
      • 100% of their organic waste is turned into valuable inputs for their organic gardens through a combination of composting, bokashi and vermiculture
      • Perform waste benchmarking every single day. This involves weighing and recording all categories of waste and entering this data into their system to analyze their waste stream dynamics.
  • Plastic free:
      • Have already eliminated plastics from their ‘front-of-house’ operations
      • Provide free drinking water in the rooms in sterilized re-fillable glass bottles
      • Use paper straws or cassava-based bio-plastic straws (and only on request)
      • Use cassava-based bio-plastic bags
      • Provide bamboo tooth brushes/amenitities
      • Use recyclable/bio-degradable take-away containers made from recycled paper (compostable)
Local Support

~Source what they can locally (Kampot pepper, Kep salt, Kep fish, Kampot coffee, Kep palm sugar, Kep fish sauce, etc.)
~Have Corporate Social Responsibility programs in place to ensure they give back and that the community grows with them
~Participate in clean-up days with community

Environmentally-friendly purchase

~All cleaning products used at KBC are ecologically formulated and are metered by dispensers
~Collaboration with suppliers to ensure their values and ethics reverberate up the supply chain

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