Overall Sustainable Management

With its conservation efforts and community support, BeTreed is a model in terms of sustainability in Cambodia. BeTreed was created for the express purpose of protecting the wildlife and their habitats, the natural landscape found in Preah Vihear province; all activities are built around this objective. There is an active program working to patrol the wildlife sanctuary to ensure the animals and the forest are as safe as they can be.

BeTreed is also taking broader environmental actions that prioritize good stewardship practices for the planet. These include waste reduction, recycling, reduced consumption, solar energy, and by offering of only vegetarian meals.

Energy Management

~Solar Energy is the primary power source.  Energy efficient lighting is used throughout. A diesel generator is used only for occasional supplementary, high-power needs.

~A gravity flow water system provides water without power consumption.

Waste Management

~Bottled water is not provided. Reusable water bottles and filtered water are available for use. All recyclable waste is composted or recycled. Consumption habits are closely evaluated to ensure only minimal waste.

Local Support

~BeTreed Adventures is working closely with the community of Ta Bos Village to implement this eco-tourism initiative. A portion of the income is also provided to the local community for roads, sanitation, education, health, or other projects regarded as priority by the community.

Environmentally-friendly purchase

~All the buildings have a story to tell about where the timber was sourced. The initial two guest houses have used dead trees sometimes standing, sometimes fallen—but dead; scraps and waste left over from previous logging activities; or timber imported from older buildings.

Room amenities are supplied by Bodia nature, produced in Cambodia using natural ingredients.

Vegetarian food is provided as a healthy, sustainable and animal friendly diet (with options for vegan, and other diets available as requested).

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