Overall Sustainable Management

Baby Elephant is one of the leading hotels in Siem Reap in terms of sustainability. The hotel has established a "2020 Go Green! vision" to achieve its goal to reduce waste and become a 100% sustainable eco hotel by 2020. To do so it established a policy that includes the following commitments:

~Increasing their green knowledge
~Reducing the amount of waste produced by the hotel
~Measurably reducing the hotel’s carbon footprint
~Identifying and working towards more sustainable practices

The green policy is worked into employee roles and responsibilities.


Baby Elephant has also set goals for 2019, that include:

~Set budget and strategic plan for gardener to plant more food to aid our kitchen
~Train tuk tuk drivers in plastic free methods
~Plant more trees
~Initiate plans to move to solar energy
~Waste water re-used for garden

Energy Management

~All lights being converted to low-energy LED lights

~Bicycles available for hire from the White Bicycles charity

~Towel policy in place to reduce energy use

~Lights and AC are turned only when guests/staff are in the rooms

Water & Wastewater Management

~Towel and bed linen policy in place to reduce water use

Waste Management

Plastic waste

~Single-use plastic and styrofoam being phased out

~Biodegradable bags used in all small bins

~Biodegradable bags used for takeaway food
~Biodegradable boxes used for takeaway food

~Bamboo straws instead of plastic for drinks
~Draft beer instead of cans to reduce aluminum waste

~Staff trained annually on plastic waste

~Ask suppliers to deliver in reusable boxes and crates instead of plastic bags

~Refillable organic toiletries used in guest rooms

~Glass bottles instead of plastic in rooms, and free water refill stations for guests


Food waste

~Freshly-prepared a la carte breakfast instead of buffet to reduce food wastage
~Used cooking oil donated to Naga Earth to make bio-diesel

~Food scraps fed to farm animals


~Scrap industrial materials kept and reused

~Used glass and plastic bottles, cardboard and aluminium recycled


Local Support

~Focus on locally-sourced food with made-from-scratch sauces and spice pastes

~Use of suppliers including tailors, laundry, and drinks who live locally to reduce fuel consumption and benefit the local community

~Promote local initiatives through their "mini-shop", and hotels decorations (coaters from Rehash Trash).

~ Support employees by giving them food at work, fair working hours, government regulated leave, insurance, maternity leave, annual bonus, and uniform. The staff receive english classes and some of them receive support to go to university. The staff also receive additional share of the income before expense and 10% on top of all tips each month for staff to share evenly.

Environmentally-friendly purchase

~No palm oil used in kitchen or spa
~More than 50% of restaurant menu now vegan-friendly (reducing dependence on meat which is harmful to the environment)

~Focus on wholefoods, with housemade syrups for cocktails, spice paste mixes for food, homegrown herbs and more to reduce dependence on packaging

~ Environmentally-friendly and HACCP-approved Co2 mosquito control

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