Overall Sustainable Management

Staff training is very important at Anjali. Every staff member receives an initial formation when they arrive in the team, and is regularly reminded of it through presentations and daily adjustments. A "Green Hero" selected within the team is in charge of the hotel's eco-responsibility.

What is special at Anjali is that they do not focus only on plastic but delivers a thorough staff formation about climate change, biodiversity and all environment-related issues.

Energy Management

- Solar panels are used to warm all the hotel's water

- All rooms are equipped with Intelligent A/C systems.

Water & Wastewater Management

- Anjali provides guests with high filtered drinkable water

- For the swimming pool instead of chlorine the hotel uses salted water

- The hotel is equipped with water saving system


Waste Management

Anjali takes on many actions to reduce its waste:

Plastic waste

- Biodegradable box for take-away food

- Refillable glass of high filtered water bottles in the rooms

- No single-use plastic amenities are used in the room. Anjali instead provide shampoo and other personal products in refillable containers.

- No garbage bags are put in the rooms. Instead, metal containers are disposed in the bins and can be washed.

- Bamboo straws are used instead of plastic straws

Other waste

- Gives cooking oil to Naga Earth to make biofuel, which is then used by Anjali as an alternative to diesel with 90% less hydrocarbon emissions for their generator and cars.

Local Support

Anjali participates in sustainable environment with a daily commitment, that is to say a staff trained and use of eco label products whenever is possible.

Whenever is possible Anjali Hotel support small local sustainable NGO’s or business.

The amenities trays are produced by Cambolac, a Siem Reap based handicraft company designing and manufacturing lacquer ware souvenirs. Cambolac employs vulnerable poor populations from Angkor’s Park and hearing impaired young adults to manufacture and sell Cambolac original designs and genuine picture in lacquer and hand paint souvenirs.

The bin in your room is produced by OSMOSE, a non-profit organization promoting alternative livelihoods, environmental education and social support.

Some of their baskets are made by Manava, formed by local Cambodian women who create beautiful baskets using natural rattan and traditional, time-honored weaving skills in order to support these amazing women with a stable and financial future.

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