Overall Sustainable Management

Insight Tours limits the size of the groups so they don’t negatively impact either the community or the environment. They recently launched a walking tour, a small move to reduce the impact of vans and tuk tuks. More generally, they work on designing more sustainable programs as well as building relationships within the community that allow growth for community partners.

Waste Management

Insight Tours cook meals for most of their programs. To do so, they do grocery shopping at local markets using reusable bags and reusable containers, and bring real dishes and utensils for clients to eat off of. They ask clients to bring reusable water bottles on programs, and provide a large 25L jug for refills instead of small individual plastic bottles. In addition, they practice the LNT (Leave No Trace) principle.

Moreover, they got a ceramic water filter for their office, so they no longer have large plastic jugs here.

Local Support

Insight Tours contribute to the local economy by bringing visitors to small and often informal vendors, to make sure money stays in the community.

Moreover, everyone they work with is payed a living wage.

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