Waste Management

Plastic waste

~Do not provide any straws but have reusable straws if guests request
~ Do not sell any plastic water bottles
~ Compostable take away boxes
~ Distributed reusable bag to the market provider so he doesn’t use plastic ones anymore
~ Train staff about plastic issues and buy food and drink containers to all the staff (so they do not use anymore take away foam boxes for their dinner/or plastic cup for their coffee/smoothies take-away)
~ Refill station available for anyone to refill their bottle and part of the campaign RefillNotLandfill


Other waste

~ Compost of all the organic wastes
~ Recycle used cooking oil
~ Recycle glass waste
~ Recycle cans

Local Support

~ Pay their local staff above Cambodian standards, provide bonuses based on our profits, in addition to all the tips

~ Support local initiatives by giving the profits made out of the items from their shop (items made by local families or social businesses)

~ Buy every week some extra kilos of vegetables that are given to ABCs and Rice, for their food bank programme.

~ Support community events such as clean-ups and actively participate in making the neighborhood greener.

Environmentally-friendly purchase

~ Buy local as much as possible, notably for their own shop "for a good cause", and make their own fruit juices

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