Join Clean Green Cambodia

For who?

Sustainability organisations

Organisations entirely focused on environmental protection (e.g. wildlife conservation center) and awareness raising

Tourism businesses

Hotels, restaurants, tour operators, stores, and others striving to reduce their environmental impact

Business partners

Business Partners supporting other organisations in reducing their impact (e.g. decrease their waste)

Environmental experts

Experts raising awareness about environmental issues to others (e.g. students, businesses)


Be more sustainable

Sustainable development is gaining interest from all different stakeholders, such as individuals, who are looking for green places, or regulators who are implementing stricter environmental laws. Eventually, everyone will have to reduce their environmental impact. By being referenced on our website, you will show that your organisation is proactive and aims to be part of a movement that will only gain importance.

Be more visible

Our platform references all sustainable businesses and organisations across Cambodia. Being listed here means that you will be recognised for your sustainable actions both on our website and in your facilities. You will also have a platform to share your green news to people who are interested by them and to organisations who might inspired by your actions.

Encourage others

By being referenced and sharing news about your environmental actions, you will show to other individuals and organisations that sustainability should be taken seriously. This will therefore create a momentum and encourage others to follow suit in implementing their own green actions. We also want to show to initiatives in other countries that taking sustainable actions is possible and should be done everywhere!

Make the country greener

Cambodia is a beautiful country. However, poor waste management and environmental damage is threatening the beauty of the Kingdom of Wonder. By joining us, you will know what actions to take to lower your environmental footprint. You will also be able to participate to clean-ups, workshops and other events, to raise awareness about environmental issues and help make Cambodia more sustainable.

Be part of a network

Clean Green Cambodia acts as a network that aims to only grow further. Therefore, by being referenced here you will be able to find partners, be found by potential customers and develop connections. You’ll also be invited when events are organised so that you can reach more people and showcase your actions. This goes without saying that we can then all collaborate and drive sustainability in Cambodia!


Check our criteria

Especially if you are a tourism business, we want to ensure that we reference organisations that are sustainable. This is why we established a list of non-exhaustif criteria that gives an idea about the sustainability strategy of organisations. If you are an environmental expert or organisation fully committed to sustainability (wildlife center), all good here!

Submit your information

Tell us about your initiative, how it reduces its impact, support the community or/and help other businesses have a lower footprint. Make sure to click on "submit" at the form, which will get reviewed before being published.

We get in touch

Once your information is submitted, we get in touch with you to better understand your business/organisation, see if it fits our criteria and request any additional information if needed.

Get listed

Once we have all the information, we decide whether you meet our criteria. If you do, we list you on our website and promote your initiative through our social media and upcoming newsletter. If you don't, we give you feedback as well as tools to improve your sustainability strategy, so that you can reapply once you have implemented the necessary actions.

We update your listing

We update the listing based on the information you share with us (additional green initiative, change in your sustainability strategy, etc). We will also update your information or delist you if we realise (through reviews) that you do not meet our criteria anymore.

Any question?

Are you looking for additional information on how to join Clean Green Cambodia or have any questions ?