Contribute to our platform

Contributing to our platform of sustainable initiatives (hotels, restaurants, activities, business partner, experts, etc), will help others who are looking for them. With this platform we also aim to create a momentum and encourage other businesses to take actions to improve their environmental impact, so the more initiatives there is already on this platform the better it is!

How to add a sustainable initiative?

Choose the below category and fill in the form with the relevant information. If you are not sure of the category, choose the closest one and mention that in the form. We know you might not have all the information, just add what you know and we can complete the rest!

What's next ?

We check the information against our criteria

Once you have submited the information, we check it against our criteria to ensure that the organisation has a sustainability focus.

We get in touch with the organisation

If the organisation meet our criteria, we contact them to ideally set up a meeting to understand better their sustainable strategy and the actions they are taking to reduce their impact. We also ask them for additional information if necessary.

We list the initiative

After getting all the information we need, we decide the organisations and businesses that will be listed on our website. We then communicate about newly listed organisations through our social media and newsletter. For those that are not getting listed, we give them feedback and tips on how to improve their sustainability performance if they are interested.

We update the listing

We update the listing based on the information the organisation share with us (additional green initiative, change in your sustainability strategy, etc). We will also update the information or delist the organisation if we realise (through reviews) that they do not meet our criteria anymore.

Want to contribute differently?

You can write an article about any sustainability topics that you like (zero waste, sustainable tourism, food waste in Asia, etc) and send it to us for publishing. You can also explore our other tips to know what you can do to raise environmental awareness.