Take action

Join online communities

Join us on Facebook or Instagram to learn more about our actions and sustainability in Cambodia.

Check also other useful groups or pages in Cambodia such as GoGreen Cambodia, or Zero Waste Cambodia.

There are a lot of international communities on facebook as well, depending on your interests such as Journey to zero-waste, or Greenpeace's group Plastic Free Future.

Go Zero-Waste

Minimising waste is important, and especially in Cambodia where the waste management infrastructure is lacking.

Be thoughtful about what you buy and how you consume, for instance by going to the market to buy fruits and veggies instead of buying produces wrapped in plastic from the supermarkets. Choose also restaurants, bar and activities that are also mindful about their impact. Find tips about going zero-waste in Siem Reap here!

Be thoughtful about your impact

For every actions we undertake, there is probably a way to reduce your impact. You can then take a bus instead of a flight, a bike instead of a motorbike (you can easily buy one or rent one in Cambodia even for a short stay)!

Go to restaurants, bars, or shops that are reducing their impact as well and are contributing to improving the local economy through local employment or are selling local crafts (find them here!).

Speak up!

A lot can be done by speaking up about reducing your impact, as well as those of businesses. 

Try to promote businesses (through reviews on our site, tripadvisors, etc) that are more environmentally friendly but also mention which businesses are disregarding their environmental impact. You can for instance write them directly asking them to be more mindful (and could include the actions they could take), or write a review to denounce their practices if they are irresponsive.

Write an article

You can write an article about sustainability in Cambodia, green initiatives, tips for others, etc., which we would be more than happy to publish on our website and social media. In this way, you can share your knowledge, while also getting recognised for your expertise. No need to be a professional writer, we just want to promote people who are motivated and keen on sharing with others. Read more about it here

Send us the sustainable initiatives you know

You can help by submitting sustainable businesses (hotels, restaurants, cafés, activities) or organisations that you know in Cambodia. This will help other people find green places, activities or business partners, and will encourage organisations to be more sustainable. Find out more here!

Raise environmental awareness around you

Telling your friends, family about better environmental practices (reducing plastic bags, bottles, straws, etc.) and explain why it is important can a long way in reducing the environmental burden.

You can also implement better practices where you work (e.g. reduce plastic waste, compost food scrap, encourage them to buy reusable items, etc). Find out more about areas of actions for tourism businesses here or can contact us.