Overall Sustainable Management

Tourism and Hospitality are the leading and most spread around industries on the globe. Even the smallest villages in the most remote areas got usually a room to rent and at least one pub. In today’s world, nothing is out of reach for the common traveller. More and more affordable airlines open up, more and better infrastructure got built to reach even the furthest destinations. Through the social media channels, we also discover more untouched and rural areas which become quickly a tourist hot spot.


The only way your hotel, restaurant or pub still gets customers in the near future, is to make sure that you care about the environment that attracted these tourists. If your landscape is littered with trash and plastic waste, the tourist numbers will decrease in no time, thanks to instant uploads on social media of trash filled wastelands what was once a scenic destination.


And the matter of fact is, all this plastic pollution, which is destroying your unique tourist attraction, is most likely originating from your own grounds. Think of all the plastic water bottles you give to your customers as a hotel or tour operator and the single packed lunch packs in plastic wrappers, the hotel single-use toothbrushes, cotton buds and combs, plastic laundry bags and take away cups and food containers.

All this single-use plastic ends up in a landfill near you and through the wind, weather and poor waste management it is covering and polluting our precious nature. So start showing to your customers that you care. Care about our environment, your guest and our planet's future.


Sunsai Nature is providing quality natural products and cutting edge technologies to reduce plastic pollution by the tourism and hospitality industry.


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