Overall Sustainable Management

In 2009, IBIS Rice was launched by the Wildlife Conservation Society to promote and market wildlife-friendly rice grown in the communities located in areas in the northern plains of Cambodia protected for their biodiversity value. Thanks to our consumers, we are already protecting 500,000 hectares of precious forest and wetlands, conserving more than 50 endangered animal species, and increasing the incomes of 1,000 rice-farming families.

IBIS Rice links wildlife conservation to improving livelihoods of villagers whose opportunities are limited by the constraints of living in a remote area with little opportunity to expand their farms and limited market access. We buy paddy (rice still in its husk or not yet threshed) directly from the farmers—paying up to 50% above market price. We process, package, market and sell a range of jasmine whole foods and snacks, allowing the farmers to focus on working their land. In exchange, they commit to zero deforestation and zero poaching, certifying them as Wildlife Friendly and preserving a slice of one of Southeast Asia’s most diverse ecosystems.

Our products are Certified Wildlife Friendly®, USDA Certified Organic and have European Union Organic Certification.

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