Environmental Workshops

  • Waste Management
  • Wildlife and Nature Conservation

Siem Reap

Train the trainer

The workshop is organised by GAEA and aims to train teachers or others others to be able to train others about Waste Management.  During the sessions, the participants learn about the negative impact of bad waste management and how this can be improved. If the training occurs at GAEA's site, the teachers also go around GAEA's facilities to see how waste is managed there.

Public: Adults

Waste Workshop

The workshop is organised by GAEA for schools, villages and other institutions looking to raise awareness about waste management. During the workshop, GAEA goes through the negative impact of bad waste management and show how this can be improved to the population. The workshops usually last 1h and is followed by a clean-up activity.

Public: Everyone

Theater performance

Angkor Roo is a theater performance organised by Bamboostage and count the story of a rooster, who has his beloved hen killed by plastic waste. The show uses modern spoken drama, slapstick, traditional hand-made leather puppets, recycled costumes and a mix of traditional Khmer and western instruments. The show is usually sponsored by GAEA. 

Public: Children

Workshops outside Siem Reap

GAEA operates mostly within Siem Reap to provide workshops. If you live outside this range, check out our resource page, that includes video and other presentation in Khmer that can help you raise awareness about waste.

Waste collection information

GAEA provides waste collection for a fee in Siem Reap. If you wish to know more about waste collection, please visit their website or contact them directly at info@gaea.com.kh. GAEA does not operate outside of the city but some villages have come up with solutions to manage their waste, for instance plastic is collected for each household by someone in the village, who then bring it to GAEA’s facilities once a week/month. 

Siem Reap

Wildlife Club

Fauna and Focus organises several workshops for students of all ages to make them understand Cambodian wildlife and the threats that animals in the country are facing. They have 6 different workshops, which can be taken together or separately, and held either at the Nature and Wildlife Center in Siem Reap or at the school's facilities. Find out more here.

Public: students

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