Cambodia’s new Sustainability Platfom!

Welcome to Clean Green Cambodia’s new website! This website aims to be a platform for individuals, tourism businesses, schools/NGOs and other institutions to find everything sustainable in Siem Reap and greater Cambodia.

As an individual, you will be able to find everything you need to live a more sustainable lifestyle. From responsible hotels, restaurants, activities, shops, and much more!

If you have a tourism business, we also provide you with toolkit to be more sustainable. In case you already have sustainable initiatives, we encourage you to be listed on our website to get more visibility on your actions.

Lastly, if you are working for a school, NGO or other institutions, we provide you with both online and offline resources to teach your students, employees, etc about waste management.

Why a new website?

  1. A better user-friendly experience. We changed entirely the user interface of the website to make it easier for visitors to find green restaurants, hotels, activities, shops, and business partners.
  2. Improved visibility. With a better user experience comes more visibility for the green places, activites and business partners that we feature on the site. We want Clean Green Cambodia to be a portal for them to be noticed inside as well as outside Cambodia, and to finally have a place for them to share their green news!
  3. More support. We want to encourage everyone, from individuals, businesses and institutions to be more sustainable. We therefore made it easier to find on the website tools to take on sustainable initiatives and share them with everyone!

What’s next?

Now that we have created this green portal, we will fill it in with more sustainable busineses, places, activities, shops, business partners that meet our sustainability criteria. If an organisation wants to be listed but does not meet these criteria, we won’t list it but will provide tools to implement green initiatives. 

We will also have additional materials for you/your organisations to be greener, and conduct interviews with inspiring social entrepreneurs to make you discover the amazing initiatives that are driving Cambodia’s sustainability landscape.

Do you want to contribute?

We want our website to be participatory, meaning that you can contribute to its development. You can write an article about sustainability in Cambodia for us, contribute to our green directory, or share any sustainability projects, tips, green news, materials (videos, readings) that you know of (either by email or in the comment section).

If you are a tourism business, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to join us, get information on how to become more sustainable or want to share your green initiatives.

In brief

We are very excited about this, and hope that you’ll share this excitment as well! We would love if you can share the news with your friends and families who are also living in the country or even abroad. The more people know about green initiatives in Cambodia, the more momentum sustainable development will get in the country!

Talk soon!

Clean Green Cambodia’s team


  • Marine
    March 21, 2019 at 3:47 pm

    So happy to have found your website!
    Your initiative is amazing and your website is just beautifully built, very intuitive and pleasant to use.

    It’s been just over a month since I moved to Cambodia and I am eager to live here with the minimum impact possible, in a sustainable way and I believe actors like Clean Green Cambodia are very useful for people like me, looking for guidance and green addresses to get started.
    I understand that your objectives are mostly focused towards tourists since they have a deeper impact than expat in highly visited area, but it would be great to list ideas or adresses for the long-term resident as well. Like where to find alternatives to big plastic water container for the home (one is ceramic filters that can be found in Preah Vihear Pharmacies), or my current quest: places to buy composters and recycling bins for my residence in Siem Reap.
    It would be great to read an article full of this tips for a sustainable home in Cambodia.

    Keep doing this and thanks for the hard work!

    • juliettegoulet
      March 21, 2019 at 4:18 pm

      Hi Marine,
      Thanks a lot for your kind comment! We really want to help anyone reduce their impact so this is a great idea, to do an article about reducing our impact in every day life in Cambodia. We’ll prepare an article about it (we are also looking for contributors for our platform if you are interested :)). For the compost bins, I am not aware of store that sell them but it is pretty easy to build also one yourself with two bins on top of each other with the first bin having wholes to collect the “juice” in the second bin (or just have one bin on two bricks on the side to collect the juice in the middle, which can be used as fertilizer). And you can get soil from a garden store or some dry leaves to compost your food waste with. For the recycling bins, GAEA is selling bins actually but not sure if it is for individuals, but you can still ask them at 🙂 Otherwise we’ll look into this, you might need to get normal bins at Angkor Market for instance and just separate yourself and put them in the street when the edjai come.

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