Local Support

Supporting the local economy (surrounding and country) is important for your business’ image towards the communities but also towards visitors. More than anything, this is also an essential component for the sustainable development of the country, as this will lead to employment, money fuelling the country’s economy through local purchases and promotion of local businesses. Several tourism businesses in Cambodia are foreign-owned, meaning that in many cases part of the money leave the country. However, this could change if stakeholders within the industry decide take additional actions to support local inhabitants.

How to support a local and sustainable economy?

Local employment

Local employment is the best way to support the economy. If you don’t find people with the skills that you require you can train them before they  are starting their work or look at training schools. There are several of them in Siem Reap and greater Cambodia, such as Sala Baï wich trains underpriviledge students in hotel and restaurants management at no charge for them. Krousar Thmey also trains deaf and blind people for different type of  jobs such as masseur.

Local purchase Cambodia

Local Purchase

Cambodia relies a lot on imported goods (most fruits and vegetables at the markets come from neighborood countries), so it might be complicated to find a local producers. However, with the development of Cambodia, more and more businesses are taking place in the Kingdom of Wonders. You can for instance find fruits and veggies being grown in the country by local producers such as Happy + Co in Siem Reap or buy decors made out of up-cycled plastic bags from Rehash Trash.

Local initiatives

Another way to contribute to the local economy is to promote local and sustainable initiatives (restaurants, shops, activites, events, etc) by telling your customers about them or enabling local artisans to promote their products in your facilities. There are a wide range of such initiatives that you can easily find in our platform. This is a great way to provide support to Cambodia and people working there, but also to divert money going into non-ethical initiatives.

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Give back

You can also give back to the communities by donating to NGOs or projects to support their development, as an increasing number of businsses are doing so. You can also give your employees volunteering time to invest in a project they like, or organise such time together as a team, for instance to plant trees. Check out here what several NGOs such as EGBOOK and Friends International have done together in Siem Reap.

Looking for additional measures?

Looking for additional measures to take? Check out the resources on purchasing and giving back from Marr Consulting International. You can also read our other tools on water management, waste management or energy management. 

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