Energy Management

Managing energy  is an important step in the sustainability journey of businesses. In addition to get recognition for your effort and reduce its contribution to climate change, your hotel, restaurant, or spa will save money by implementing resource efficient measures as energy represents one of the largest expenditures for tourism businesses.

As Cambodia is reliant at around 47% on coal (the other half being taken from hydropower), there is room for improvement for the country to become more sustainable. This can be driven by businesses looking for renewable energy, which more and more hotels are exploring.

Quick & easy steps to reduce your energy consumption

There are several quick and easy action you can take to reduce energy consumption:

~ Lighting is often a main area of consumption: switch off lights and electric appliance when the rooms are empty and get motor sensitive lights and LED light bulbs(which will reduce costs and prolong liftespan of your lighting)

~ Implement a bed-linen and towel reuse programme for guests to reuse them. Find poster template to put in rooms here

~ When energy efficient electric appliance when replacing your old ones, which will reduce energy costs as well

~ Have a card system to turn off automatically electric appliance, AC and lights or inform guests about turning them off when leaving the room

~ Set the mimimum temperature of the AC at 21° as AC set on lower temperature will consume a lot of energy, which is not necessary to reach the ideal room temperature of 21°

~ Cap hot water at 60° C, which is confortable hot but also enables to kill legionella bacteria

~ Get renewable energy (

Want to go further?

Manager with responsibilities

Assign responsibilities

Why should you assign someone responsible for your finance but not for your environmental initiatives? The same logic applies here, by having one or several staff members in charge, you ensure that at least one person has ownership over the actions taken.

Set realistic targets

Who likes working without goals? By setting targets to reduce your energy you can get momentum going and focus from your staff to achieve the objectives. Why not providing rewards to your staff when these targets have been achieved to motivate your employees even more?

Train water management


Taking actions won't work if you don't explain your staff why you are implemeting such initiatives and what are the tasks they need to complete. Whether you are training your staff yourself or find a third party to do it for you, don't forget this important step!

Improve continual improvement

Monitor & Improve

Monitoring will ensure that your actions are paying off and will allow you to rectify in case the amount of energy you produce does not go down. It will also help you see whether your targets have been achieved!

Helpful links

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