Overall Sustainable Management

‘’Do what I say & what I do’’

As a major player in the energy market in Cambodia, ATS committed to reduce its energy consumption. This is why they take action in their office by implementing their energy efficiency solutions, turning it into an Energy Efficiency Lab. It enables the company to test and optimize its solutions, but also to analyze energy savings and the ROI for each solution, in order to make case studies.

Energy Management

ATS launched an internal contest aimed at promoting energy efficiency among its staff, especially by changing behaviors. Thanks to their Energy Monitoring System (EMS), employees are able to measure the electric consumption of A/C, lighting and outlets in their offices. It enables them to monitor their energy consumption and the improvements made, day by day. Each month, the most energy efficient team is rewarded with a prize. ATS also organizes training and awareness sessions for the staff to show them how to implement daily actions to easily save energy. With this contest, ATS aim to save up to 20% of energy.

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