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On the occasion of #SwitchOn, we wanted you to meet one of our partners and co-organizer of the event: ATS Cambodia. And for you to know them better, we thought there was no better way than letting them speak. So we met with them and asked 5 questions.

Hi ATS, can you introduce yourselves?

Hi Clean Green! ATS Cambodia is a specialist in electrical distribution and automation systems. We supply, design and manufacture solutions meeting clients and their projects’ needs. We are also specialized in Energy Efficiency and we provide smart solutions to cut your energy consumption. The aim? Lower your energy bill and reduce your energy waste, as well as going green.

That means we offer your business a wide range of tailor-made solutions to help you being energy efficient. It includes LED lighting, energy management and monitoring system, building automation system…

What kinds of businesses can access your services?

We target all businesses. We provide each customer with a customized solution based on a free analysis of its needs by our experts. Whether you are a small shop or a big hotel, we will propose you smart and adapted solutions to cut your energy use.

Institut Pasteur - ATS Cambodia

Why should businesses call on you?

Reduce your energy costs

Electricity is one of the main sources of expense for a business, especially in Cambodia due to the high rate of electricity. Our solutions can actually help you save a lot of money. For instance, LED Retrofit can make you save up to 80% of energy compared with traditional lighting. We can also help you save up to 50% of energy by optimizing your A/C use.

We currently work with a number of shops and hotels throughout Cambodia. Here are some of our achievements:

  • Archetype offices: -25% in A/C consumption in 10 weeks according to the Energy Monitoring System (EMS) we installed.
  • NagaWorld: 23% of energy saved thanks to the installation of a fan control panel in the kitchen of the Fusion Restaurant. It makes them save $7.000 a year.
  • Bodia Apothecary: 79,5% of energy saved with LED retrofit, so $1.348 saved a year.

Reduce your carbon footprint

In Cambodia, 30% of the electricity is being produced by fossil power plants. Thus, reducing your energy consumption also means that you reduce your carbon footprint. ATS’ energy efficiency solutions meet a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach, which means they commit to reduce your impact on the environment.

Do you have any simple tips for businesses to reduce their consumption?

Of course! Here are some things to start with:

– Turn off lights, A/C and electronic devices when not in need of use.

– Set A/C at 25°C (below is useless, the room temperature will be the same but your A/C will consume more energy). Indeed, the temperature you set your A/C at will be the one it is going to try and reach. So if your device is set at 19°C, it is going to be on full power until the room’s temperature reaches 19°C.
Which it often cannot, especially if the insulation is not perfect.

– Close the doors to prevent cool air from the room.

– Clean A/C filters and put the remote in the middle of the room. It will work as an incentive for people to regulate the temperature and turn off the A/C when the temperature is low enough.

Taking these simple actions will have a big impact on your energy bill. But you need an EMS to note their effectiveness.

Also, do not hesitate to call on us for training sessions! We conduct classes on how being more energy efficient.

Do you test your own solutions?

Yes! We actually turned our offices in an Energy Efficiency Lab. There we experiment solutions such as automated ventilation system, LED lighting or motion sensors. Then, thanks to our Energy Monitoring System, we analyze the improvements made, measure the energy we saved and the return on our potential investments. We even do a little competition between our different departments, which rewards the most energy efficient one of us. That is how we can promote our solutions to our customers and be so sure they work.

We also provide training sessions to our staff to raise awareness on energy waste and how to act green.

Energy Efficiency Lab - ATS Cambodia

Now you know ATS Cambodia a little better, and you might want to work with them to reduce your impact and energy bills…

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