Waste Management

Sombai has several initiative to reduce its waste, including:

~Compost : the peels are kept aside to make a compost, which is then used to fertilise the garden.
~Re-use of bottles in good shape: several customers who use Sombai in their restaurants or bars return the empty bottles so that they can be re-used in Sombai's production line

~Transformation of old bottles into new products: aside of the usual hand-painted bottles, there is a stock of old bottles that cannot be re-used in the production line. Then painters then to make a special line of decorative bottles, thus contributing to less waste.

~Magazine paper bags: Sombai collects old magazines and transform them into fashionable, eco-friendly paper bags for its small and medium size bottles in order to avoid using non-degradable polluting plastic bags.

Local Support

Sombai's founder states that its main way to act responsively is to take care of its Cambodian staff first. They have therefore created a “Sombai Family Fund” (SFF) scheme, whose objective is to:

~ to cover health expenses (doctor, hospital, dietary supplements, hygiene products), and education expenses (computer, English, Chinese, Japanese courses),
~to contributes to special expenses (wedding, birth, death of a close relative).
The SFF is funded by a percentage of the sales at the workshop (5% to 10%).


Sombai also participates as often as possible in the Clean-Up Temple Town program in order to keep the environment clean and also to raise staff’s awareness to these environmental matters.

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