Water & Wastewater Management

Zero Waste

Kep Adventures guarantees that its activities are Zero Waste! Every piece of disposable plastic, from single use plastic bottles to straws and sandwiches wraps, has been replaced by a reusable alternative (incl. reusable bags, reusable cups and straws, reusable food and reusable bottles)


Cleaning and recycling
Kep Adventures are working with families living on Koh Pou and Koh Kok to pick up waste which they bring back to mainland on the boat where part of the waste are sent over to the ECHO (Educational Conservational Housing Opportunities) initiative in Kampot to be recycled as construction materials and to IWA Kep (International Women Association in Kep), an association promoting women’s work and empowerment that transforms recycled plastic bags into hand-crocheted articles, some of which you can find on the boat.

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