Naga Earth was established in 2008 in Siem Reap, Cambodia with a mission to protect the environment and to improve public health. The organisation operates environmentally friendly recycling projects and produces hygiene soap that is distributed to the local community.


Naga Earth provides services and products for hotels, restaurants, and NGOs:

- Cooking oil recycling: Naga Earth collects cooking oil from businesses and convert it into bio-desel, thereby reducing the environmental and health impact of throwing the oil away, but also save resources by producing bio-desel out of it. The glycerin bi-product is also turned into biodegradable soap, a product suitable for a variety of uses, notably personal care and hygiene.

- Environmentally friendly soap: Naga Earth produces hand soap tha comes in refillable bottles, which enables you to reduce the use of soap plastic bottles. The soap is only made with natural ingredients including coconut oil, potash, water, and locally made essential oil).  You can also choose your own fraguance to fit your business'style.

- Recycling workshop: Naga Earth offers free recycling workshops to businesses in the hospitality industry and to qualifying non-profits. Interested organisations will learn about paper and plastic recycling as well as how Naga earth transform cooking oil into burning fuel and environmentally friendly soap.

- Glass Recycling Project: Naga Earth is partnering with GAEA to recycle glass into gravel and sand, which will then be used for water filtration and cement. The project is planned to start in June 2019.


Interested businesses and organisations should contact Naga Earth directly via their website or at [email protected].


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