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Rehash Trash is a social enterprise of the Green Gecko Project providing a sustainable future not only for former street children and their families but also for the Siem Reap environment.


  • From trash to treasure: at Rehash Trash, we are transforming dirty roadside rubbish into incredible, stylish products, thereby not only helping to clean up the environment, but also changing and empowering the lives of disadvantaged mothers and their families.
  • Education: the women attend a daily Khmer literacy class, where they are learning the Khmer alphabet and how to read and write for the very first time, never before having had the opportunity to receive an education.
  • Commercial skills: Rehash Trash now has its very own showroom & workshop in Siem Reap, which gives the mums a great sense of ownership of their work, an opportunity to see their own products on display and being sold to the public and to meet and interact with customers from all corners of the world.
  • Empowerment and teaching: Our ladies teach their crochet skills in our customer workshops, which further empowers them, raises self-esteem and boosts confidence. They are involved in every step of the Rehash Trash process, from the collection and washing of plastic bags, to the preparation and crocheting of amazing products, to promoting Rehash Trash in Siem Reap.


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