Saat Awareness Campaign

Saat Awareness Campaign during Khmer New Year event

April 25, 2018

The Siem Reap Green Committee (SRGC) carried out their first event during Khmer New Year two weeks ago, partnering with the Phnom Penh Saat team. The Saat Awareness Campaign comprises of five projects occurring on a yearly basis. The main objective of the Saat Awareness Campaign is to raise awareness among the population of Siem Reap on the environmental degradation the city and its population are causing to the ecosystems.

With financial support from the Cambodia Hotel Association and the participation of eighteen volunteers (twelve from the local NGO Anjali House and six from the business enterprise GAEA), we were able to participate in the Khmer New Year celebrations in front of Angkor Wat from 13-16 April.

During the three-day event, volunteers from both teams, SRGC and Phnom Penh Saat, engaged in different activities with the goal of raising awareness and showing people the enthusiasm and interest youths have towards environmental initiatives. The activities included dancing, sharing of educational and promotional material, and social media challenges. A highlight of the event happened on Sunday when volunteers prepared some questions before going around the festival to interact with visitors in question & answer sessions. The questions were related to environmental topics.If all four questions were answered correctly, the participants would win a promotional t-shirt and become saat ambassadors.

In spite of the amazingly hot weather that occurred during these four days, all the volunteers were energetic and eager to participate and bring about environmental consciousness and behavioral change to the visitors at Angkor Sankranta 2018.