Becoming an eco-school in Cambodia

There are a lot of materials – gathered by GoGreen Cambodia – to help you become an eco-school.  Click on the bullets points below to access the links.

  1. Discover the eco-school concept
  2. Become an EcoSchool
  3. Organise activities with your students to raise environmental awareness. Find out other tips and resources here.

The above guidelines are global ones, but you can also find guidelines to become an eco-school in Cambodia. The guidelines have been developed by the Ministry of Environment. Check them out in English or Khmer.


Resources on Plastic Waste


Market research

Market research on plastic waste in Cambodia from ACRA foundation

Market research on plastic waste in Cambodia - ACRA Foundation

Download (English)

Urban Governance: Waste Management Phnom from Sahmakum Teang TnautPenh

Market research on Waste Management in Phnom Penh - Sahmakum Teang Tnaut

Download (English)/(Khmer)

Resources on Wildlife Conservation


Useful links/websites

fauna in focus logo cambodia

Fauna in Focus

Fauna in Focus has great movies about Cambodian Wildlife that you can watch on your own or screen in a public space (need to ask for a licence). They also organise fun activities for students to discover Cambodian species.

sam veasna logo cambodia

Sam Vaesna Center

Sam Vaesna Center provides useful information of on Cambodian Wildlife for the main regions, as well as list of animals that can be spotted. The center also provides eco-tours to observe birds and others animals across Cambodia.

Cambodias wildlife logo Cambodia

Cambodia's Wildlife

Save Cambodia‘s Wildlife (SCW) is an NGO working for the conservation of natural resources and wildlife habitats in Cambodia. They have several environmental projects and publish regular related studies.

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