HUSK is a Cambodian registered NGO working in Treak and Kompheim Villages Siem Reap Cambodia. We work with communities to help improve the lives of Cambodian families. Our goals focus around the basics of providing access to safe water, livelihood opportunities, health, education & environment.  We work to assist families address some of their most basic needs, giving them the best opportunity to stay together and work for a better future.




Once you get outside the main tourist parts of Siem Reap, rubbish collection is simply not available.  Where it is, often families cannot afford to use it.  Compounding the problem is a total  lack of awareness or education on environmental issues.  Rubbish is often either left dumped around villages or in most cases burnt.  Both of these practices create further environmental issues.  Litter is becoming a huge community health issue and a growing problem across Cambodia.

Our school was built using the concept of ‘Eco Block’ from Pura Vida.  The Eco Blocks are made from old drink bottles of any size stuffed tightly with clean landfill rubbish like plastic bags, polystyrene trays, straws. These are the ideal eco alternative to bricks and greatly reduce waste going to landfill.

We have used over 100,000 bottles in our projects to date.

  • 1 Medical Centre

  • 3 Classrooms

  • 1 Income Generation Workshop

  • 1 toilet block

  • Fencing


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