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On the 18th of November, Clean Green Cambodia hold an environmental workshop with 24 students at Angkor High School for them to become “ECO-warriors”. After having followed the training, which covered four topics: Nature & Environment, Climate Change, Waste Management and Plastic, the students were expected to spread their knowledge to their families, friends and communities in Siem Reap and their rural villages.

The topics of Waste Management and Plastic are important given that waste is being thrown away everywhere in Cambodia or burnt by the population. However, with the introduction of plastic around 50 years ago, the population has kept this practice, without knowing the dangerous impact of plastic on marine life or of breathing its toxic fume when burnt. Education is therefore one of the main keys to address this issue as educated people can take on better measures and also raise awareness of people around them.

Following the workshop, our Eco-Warriors came to the Water Festival to inform the people about the impact of plastic, by asking them questions on the time it takes for plastic items, such as Styrofoam/takeaway box, to degrade in the environment (answer if you were wondering: more than 1 million years!). The young girls took this activity at heart, and even organised a spontaneous clean up in the street! But it does not stop here, the next steps are for them to go in other classes and give workshops about environmental awareness so that other students feel also empowered to make a change as they all are the future of Cambodia.

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