Clean-up Boeng Pearaing

Clean-up Boeng Pearaing

We participated on the 24th of October to clean-up in the Boeng Pearaing area, home to the wonderful Pearaing Biodiversity Conservation Center. This was a great opportunity for our team to meet the community there and better understand the issue of plastic.   

Why is plastic an issue for the community?

The community is reliant on fishing and tourism. 

However, the growing volume of plastic reduces the area’s attractiveness and poses a threat to the inhabitants’ income and the ecosystem.

Also, as in everywhere in rural Cambodia, people are burning their trash, creating toxic emission that can lead up to cancer or other illnesses.


What are the obstacles in reducing plastic trash?
  • Lack of waste management infrastructure to deal with plastic: not a single bin around and no collection from the local waste management company (GAEA).
  • Lack of environmental awareness: people throw plastic around as they have been used to do so for generations (although in the past, people would throw away fish bones, or other organic materials, which would naturally decompose).
  • Lack of cheap plastic alternatives to straws, plastic cups and bags is also a major obstacle for the community.
What is the timeline of the project? 

In order to overcome the obstacle mentioned above, the project will be organised as follow:

We will come up with more news… so stay tuned! In the meantime, we can all reduce our plastic consumption by:

  1. Using reusable bags and bottles
  2. Pick up trash that we see in the street or beach…. the more trash there are in the street, the more trash people will throw away! So help keep areas cleaned!