The Rose Apple B&B


The Rose Apple Boutique B&B is a leading B&B in Siem Reap with a daily serving restaurant with a library, a saltwater pool and balconies and terrace with free fast Wifi throughout the property.
Running since a couple of years and consistently providing excellent customer service to ensure each and every guest has a unique and satisfied visit to Siem Reap and stay at The Rose Apple Boutique B&B through our signature service from the heart.
Our core values are fair work place, fun teamwork, healthy environment and high satisfaction from results. We respect the Cambodian Labor Law, take our time to eat all together and have team activities. We ensure to minimize our ecological footprint with our green initiatives. Our highest satisfaction we get from the result of working as a team and visitors satisfaction both while staying with us and by the feedback our guests provide afterward.


Our Green Initiatives are;

At our property;
* we proudly boast our saltwater swimming pool
* our garden hosts an ecological mosquito trap, with the artificial scent of us humans it attracts and catches the mosquitoes
* we collect the rainwater for our garden
* only natural fertilizers are used for gardening
* all our bulbs are ecological low energy consuming bulbs

In the office;
* we’re a softcopy office – print only when necessary
* our laptops and devices go into sleep mode when not used and stop charging when fully charged
* we recommend our guests to make use of ecological modes of transport, such as the white bicycles or green (electric) bikes
* and we recommend our guests to make use of reputable ecological focused enterprises, such as travel agents and restaurants
* the office is setup this way that it doesn’t require air-conditioning, a natural air flow does enough

In our guestrooms;
* all guestrooms are equipped with a key card system – only use when you’re here
* our attendants arranged a towel and bed linen program to allow guests to participate in saving natural resources and avoiding unnecessary consumption
* our shampoo, soap, lotion and mosquito repellant are all locally produced and are both chemical and petrol free
* we systematically don’t provide fridges in the room to avoid over-consumption of materials and breakage, they are provided in the central spaces
* our attendants make use of bio-degradable carrier and garbage bags
* we provided re-usable laundry bags, so there’s no plastic used in our guestrooms
* all guestrooms are equipped with both low energy consuming LED light bulbs and LED televisions
* provide refill stations with drinking water for the bottles arranged in the guestrooms

At our restaurant;
* we keep a small carbon footprint by using only local products and produce
* our kitchen team recycles:
~ food waste for the pig farm
~ plastic bottles and cans to recycle
~ glass bottles and jars to re-use
* we go plastic bag free shopping
* the restaurant also provides a refill station with drinking water for our visitor’s bottles
* restaurant design with a natural air flow, so there’s no unnecessary consumption of air-conditioners
* we grow our own: at the moment our garden provides basil, lemongrass, and mint
* the kitchen team proudly uses as many fresh products and produce to eliminate as many processed foods as possible


Learn more about The Rose Apple Boutique B&B here


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