Sala Lodges


Sala Lodges is more than a hotel, offering its guests a unique, authentic experience. The eleven traditional wooden houses on stilts in this “idyllic village” situated 8 km from the architectural site of Angkor, contribute to the preservation of an architectural heritage, which is threatened with extinction. By choosing existing Khmer houses to conserve their aged lustre, the founders of Sala Lodges allow you to delve into a genuine Cambodian world.




In our Restaurant:

  • We use bamboo straws and linen napkins to avoid single used items;
  • We offer our guest Refill Not Landfill Bottles and we provide several fresh water refill stations inside the our premises;
  • Our menu was created using banana paper and the its holder was made out of fabric and rattan;
  • The restaurant area was designed for optimum air flow to avoid excessive use of air conditioning;


In our Kitchen:

  • Locally sourced products and when available from the local organic farms and from Sala Lodges’s organic garden;
  • While shopping we minimise our use single plastic bags replacing them with reusable rattan baskets;
  • Our cooking oil is recycled into bio-diesel with NagaEarth collaboration;
  • We do recycling of all metal, plastic and glass materials;
  • We give our organic waste to one of our employees that is a owner of a pig farm.


In our front office:

  • We limit, recycle and reuse the paper use as much as possible;
  • we have a free library, where guest can leave or take books and magazines.


In our House Keeping Service:

  • We try to reduce at the maximum our use of plastic: we do not use plastic bags in the dustbin (except for the feminine hygiene);
  • Eco-friendly light bulbs with low energy consumption;
  • We aware our clients about their environment footprint and how they could minimise it by choosing not to change the bed linen and towel every day;
  • We only change bed linen every couple days, unless the client requests otherwise;
  • Our bathroom amenities are locally made and natural from our spa partner, Bodia Spa;
  • Guest laundry: we return the laundry folded in a water hyacinth basket made by a local NGO.


In our Garden:

  • We collect rainwater to water the garden;
  • We use natural fertiliser, the main component coming from our system of eco-latrines;
  • We work with PestLab to reduce the mosquito population in a less harmful way to the environment;
  • We have a salt water poll.



Sala Lodges


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