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A green village oasis is certainly what you find within the walled confines of this resort, which spreads over 8 hectares on the outskirts of Siem Reap town. Guests find a haven of peace and tranquility and a property which surprisingly showcases a true Cambodian village aesthetic.

You see waves of green rice paddies, 20-foot palms scattered throughout the fields, dwellings that are stilted and thatch-roofed, with wandering water buffalo that peek at you through your villa windows.

Green Initiatives & Programs


  • Eco friendly lighting utilizing bulbs that conserve energy and are longer lasting

  • We use natural-product guest amenities in our villas

  • With respect for guest sensibilities, our ‘Informed Choices’ initiative gives our guests the choice of how often their bed linen and towels are laundered. By laundering only when required, we reduce chlorine, detergent and water use.

  • Washed and folded guest laundry items are sent to guest villas in locally-made rattan baskets. Pressed items are returned in resort sewn covers, made of recycled material

  • The massage products and oils used in our Spa Temple are sourced from local Siem Reap suppliers and use all-natural ingredients. So too the insect repellants that we use and provide for guests are eco-friendly and made in Siem Reap

  • We limit, recycle and reuse paper as much as possible

  • Guest drinking water in our villas is produced in-house and supplied in re-useable ‘Grosch top’ glass bottles.

  • Our resort boutique showcases an extensive range of locally made and NGO produced items.


  • Wherever possible and available, we source food produce from local organic farms and we partner with local Siem Reap and Cambodian companies for the supply of our honey, eggs, coffee, chocolate, various beers, rum, and fresh natural juices

  • We grow a wide variety of our own vegetables and herbs in our organic gardens

  • We produce all our own bakery items in-house using only natural ingredients

  • We use drinking straws made from resort grown bamboo in our Pool Bar and Cigar & Cocktail Lounge

  • Our cooking oil is recycled into Bio-diesel through collaboration with local company Naga Earth

  • We use linen napkins in all restaurants to avoid single use items

  • We offer our guests Refill Not Landfill Bottles with our own resort produced water to take on tours and excursions

  • Our main breakfast and lunch restaurant was designed for optimum air flow to avoid excessive use of air conditioning

  • We make our own jams and conserves from locally grown fruits and vegetables and dairy products, such as yoghurt, are all made in-house


  • We produce our own drinking water from water supplied from the five deep wells that we have on site. Phum Baitang environmentally friendly water is crystal clear and filtered by reverse osmosis, the finest filtration method known. Our guests feel safe knowing that the water they are consuming at Phum Baitang is the healthiest solution to the problem of plastic bottled water and tap water.

  • Phum Baitang’s own working rice farm employs local’s villagers as part of our staff to tender the paddies and harvest the crop, which is used both in-house in our restaurants and staff canteen as well as being given to guests as a local organic product from Cambodia to take back home with them

  • Guest laundry we do in-house in our own laundry facility. Grey water goes through our bio-digester and is recycled

  • The detergents and chemicals used in our laundry are all eco-friendly and biodegradable

  • We do not utilize chemical smog practices for insect control and instead mist our gardens, villas and public areas utilizing natural ingredients. Phum Baitang also partners with PestLab to reduce the mosquito population in a less harmful way to the environment

  • We have salt water pools

  • Buffalo on site are used to plough our rice paddies and keep our lawn areas trimmed

  • Garden refuge is collected, mulched and used as natural compost, along with excrement from our on-site buffalo being used as fertilizer

  • All of the paper, glass, plastic and metal materials we use are separated and recycled.

  • We actively participate in monthly cleaning on the road around our resort to ensure no plastic bag.


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  1. We had an amazing time at the Phum Baitang. The place has impecable service that makes you feel welcome and special to be a guest. The facility is very tranquil and zen. We loved the rice patty’s and water buffalo that make it feel genuine and pure to the culture of Cambodia.

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