Global Action for Environment Awareness Plc. (GAEA) was established in July 2007 with the aim to provide waste management services for municipalities throughout Cambodia and is now operating in four provinces: Siem Reap, Bantey Minchey, Kampong Thom and Kampot.

Since January 2016 the company is going through a reorganization with a double objective: first, standardize its processes in order to better service its customers, second, mitigate the impact on the environment by proposing the practice of more sustainable disposal and waste recovery.

  1. Raising environmental awareness in cooperation with local authorities and NGO:
    • Organize public meetings in villages to educate the community on the impact of waste on health and on the environment and propose solutions to improve waste management in the village;
    • Provide educational training in the public schools while burning waste is a common practice in most of the schools of Siem Reap;
    • Support Clean City events;
    • Train sellers in the markets about using less plastic and sorting organic waste.
  1. Offering affordable options to collect the garbage of the poor villages using large containers. GAEA coordinates with the chiefs of village to adapt the fee to the revenues of poor households and subsides the garbage collection service.
  2. Building the infrastructures to start a recycling and composting activity in GAEA new site.
  3. Propose the design to the Ministry of Environment to develop the first sanitary landfill in Cambodia to respect environment standards.
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You can visit their website here. For any inquiry or complaint, contact GAEA Hotline at 1800 20 86 87, or by e-mail or Facebook.


  1. Paula Harrigan

    Dear Gaea,

    I have noticed that there are no rubbish bins at the new bus parking area opposite the Royal Gardens. Bus drivers & park visitors are piling up garbage around the trees & it looks very ugly. I wish the local government would plan this better but they do they have a contract with you for collecting rubbish in public areas? If not, would you be interested in donating a bin to this park & collecting the garbage?

    1. admin

      Hello Paula,
      I agree with you that increasing the number of trash bins is necessary! however, this is not GAEA’s website. I encourage you to contact them directly with your petition.

      Thanks for getting in touch.

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