We can support you with our list of potential business partners as well as with our toolkit to improve your sustainability actions. If you already have sustainability actions in place, then join our platform! It’s entirely free and enables you to get additional visibility.

Improve the sustainability of your business

Sustainable tourism is growing exponentially driven by consumer demand and regulations. Because of this, tourism businesses need to be proactive and implement a sustainability strategy to not lose market share.

Clean Green Cambodia provides you with the tools to improve the sustainability strategy of your business, no matter the scale of the actions you want to implement.

Find Green Supplies

Are you looking for specific green supplies (straws, reusable bottles, etc)?

Check out our list!

Get recognised for your sustainable activities

We reference sustainable tourism activities, businesses (restaurants, lodging, shops, travel agencies) and their business partners who take important actions to reduce their environmental impact and inspire others to do so.

Curious about our criteria? Check them out here. You can also have a look at the currently listed tourism businesses.

By joining Clean Green Cambodia, you will get listed on our website and be recognised for your sustainable initiatives.


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